Grand jury subpoenas are being sent out in connection with Deshaun Watson allegations

Deshaun Watson‘s camp has believed that it’s inevitable a grand jury will be convened to assess the allegations of misconduct against him. Reportedly, that grand jury is being convened.

According to Mark Berman of Fox 26 in Houston, subpoenas are being sent out in connection with the process. This means that witnesses are being asked (technically, compelled) to testify before the grand jury.

The Harris County district attorney’s office declined comment to Berman, but it did not deny his report.

Although 22 civil lawsuits have been filed against Watson, 10 individuals (as of last count) had filed criminal complaints. Only very few allege forcible sexual contact by Watson. However, it takes only one credible witness to prompt an indictment and, eventually and potentially, a conviction.

It’s easy to get an indictment. The presentation of the facts occurs in one-sided fashion, with the defendant not involved or represented. There’s no cross examination by Watson’s lawyer of those who claim misconduct.

Basically, if the grand jury believes the person making the allegations, an indictment will be issued. If Watson is indicted on only one felony charge, he most likely will be placed on paid leave by the league office.